MUYA brand, which stepped into the shoe industry in 1995, focused its work on slippers and shoes. In addition, MUYA aimed and succeeded in exporting its products to many parts of the world and becoming a well-known brand.

MUYA has adopted the principle of ensuring the satisfaction of its employees as well as its customers. It prioritizes improving working standards through the training, remuneration and social opportunities it offers. MUYA has equipped all its employees with full authority within the framework of the responsibilities given to them.

MUYA has created all the necessary infrastructure conditions in its facilities to produce reliable, high-quality and foot-healthy products with a high quality approach; It has also crowned its sensitivity regarding consumer health and satisfaction with quality certificates. In this way, it has taken control of every stage of the processes aiming at continuous development and renewal, starting from the design of the product to production and sales.

It acts meticulously to produce quality products that are in demand as a result of successful, dynamic and hard-working management and harmonious work. MUYA continues to work to present its designs to the whole world without compromising on quality.

It is our commitment to protect our natural resources by aiming to use water, soil, air… all the values ​​​​given to us by nature more efficiently, with environmental sensitivity, for a greener world.